Site in progress

Please visit the official HFP website here (hosted at my own C3HNAS, so please be patient).

I’m currently migrating the HFP project to this website, please check back later.

I’m almost done, so I’ll be keeping a log from now on.

14-01-2011 : added /etc/init.d/dropbear to enable dropbear as a ssh client
             implemented the "hfp  update-package" command
15-01-2011 : nzbget package added, including configure script 
             nzbgetweb will follow
             combined several config files 
             /home/Public will now be accesible from within the chrooted environment
16-01-2011 : nzbgetweb added 
             lighttp configuration added
18-01-2011 : transmission setup added
19-01-2011 : added curl support to php, added strace
20-01-2011 : can't upload packages at the moment, don't know why yet
21-01-2011 : finally got mediatomb compiled with all options enabled (including mysql)
             updated the list with scratchbox packages
22-01-2011 : par2cmdline added
             trying to figure out why nzbget won't start at boot time
             moving back to my own ch3hnas as repository server for the time being
             cross compiled larn and even played it for a while ... until the seqmentation fault hit :(
24-01-2011 : reinstalled HFP at my own CH3HNAS to test the installation again
             got locked out of my CH3HNAS completely, only way to gain control over my CH3HNAS was to remove the safefail file
             changed the setup and install procedures to support a local package repository
25-01-2011 : packages are ready to be tested
             nzbget(web) is ready
             transmission still runs as root, has to be changed
             php-cgi doesn't stay resident, but maybe it's better this way
             lighttpd works
             mc, screen, doprbear, openssh, unrar, par2cmdline, psproc, less, wget: all work
             mediatomb doesn't work yet, the sqlite3 library reports a disk I/O error, maybe mysql works?
             now, I should start documenting :(
28-01-2011 : installation instructions added
29-01-2011 : worked on problems Paul encountered while installing HFP (he never used the old version of HFP)
             added the troubleshoot page
30-01-2011 : helped Stijn to setup the new HFP installation
             fixed sqlite3, so mediatomb can store it's database (still have to find out what the problem was)
             fixed another bug in the openssh package (problem reported by Paul)
31-01-2011 : added nano package
             helping Martin to setup nzbget (as this moment, encryption doesn't work, probably due to a missing /dev/random device)
08-02-2011 : gcc compiler added - needs to be tested
             hfppkg -r update
             hfppkg -r install -f gcc
10-02-2011 : bison, make, gdb, microperl, automake added
             using the current packages, you can compile the official rsync package at you CH3HNAS