The HFP project offers of a set of packages for the CH3HNAS, a NAS manufactured by Conceptronic. It provides a simple setup procedure, after which additional packages can be installed using an advanced package manager.

Within a few minutes you can add and configure your CH3HNAS to download torrents and NZB-files, host websites and do many other useful things. For example, this web site is used to be hosted at a CH3HNAS.


Always check the Blog for the latest updates to this project. Whenever I add new functionality or new packages, I’ll describe it there.


I put a lot of effort in configuring and cross compiling packages, writing the package manager and maintaining this website. As a token of your appreciation, I would ask you to leave a comment when you used this website to install a package. Please provide me with some feedback: does everything work as expected? are you missing something? is the configuration simple enough? typo’s or grammatical errors? Thank you!