Download and extract the latest stable version of buildroot.

$ hfp download

$ tar jxf downloads/buildroot-2010.11.tar.bz2

$ ln -s buildroot-2010.11 buildroot

$ cd buildroot

$ make menuconfig

The buildroot configuration program will be compiled and started. Configure buildroot for the ARM processor of the CH3HNAS project with the bare minimum of packages required to create a suitable file system for a chrooted environment.

Make the following changes to the configuration:

Target Architecture : arm
Target Architecture Variant : arm926t
Target options :
   System hostname: ch3hnas
   System banner: Welcome to HFP
Build options:
   Download dir: $(HOME)/downloads
   Toolchain and header file location: $(HOME)/arm-gcc4.3-uclibc0.9.31
   [*] documentation on the target
   [*] development files in target filesystem
  Kernel Headers:  Linux 2.6 (manually specified version)
  linux version:
  [*] Enable large files
  [*] Enable IPv6
  [*] Enable toolchain locale/i18n support
  [*] Enable stack protection support
  [*] Build/instal c++ compiler and libstdc++
Package selection for the target
  [ ] BusyBox
Target filesystem options:
  [ ] ext2 root filesystem
  [*] tar the root filesystem
          Compression method: bzip2

After this configuration, create the initial file system

$ make

Compilation will take a while (about 30 minutes on my system). After everything succeeds, you should have a working cross compiler in $HOME/arm-gcc4.3-uclibc0.9.31 and a file system in output/target that can be used in combination with scratchbox 2 (although the documentation of buildroot clearly states this should NOT be used) and compressed tarfile with the complete root file system (including /dev and /proc).

The created tarball will be the source for the setup of HFP and the file system used by scratchbox 2:

$ cd output/target

$ tar jcf ${HOME}/hfp/images/target.tar.bz2 .

$ cd

$ cp buildroot/output/images/rootfs.tar.bz2 hfp/images