[sbox-ARM] ~
$ hfp install pkg-config openssl libcurl zlib libevent

[sbox-ARM] ~
$ hfp get http://download.transmissionbt.com/files/transmission-2.13.tar.bz2
transmission-2.13.tar.bz2 downloaded (4.1M)
tar jxf /home/hv/downloads/transmission-2.13.tar.bz2 -C /home/hv/src

[sbox-ARM] ~
$ cd src/transmission-2.13

[sbox-ARM] ~/src/transmission-2.13
$ ./configure


   Source code location:                              .
   Compiler:                                          g++

   Build Command-Line client:                         yes

   Build GTK+ client:                                 no

     Optional dependencies for GTK+ client:

      * dbus support:                                 no
      * gio for watchdir support:                     no
      * libnotify for 'download completed' popups:    no
      * libcanberra for 'download completed' sounds:  no
      * gconf2 to register as a magnet link handler:  no
      * libappindicator for an Ubuntu-style tray:     no

   Build Daemon:                                      yes

   Build Mac client:                                  no

[sbox-ARM] ~/src/transmission-2.13
$ make

[sbox-ARM] ~/src/transmission-2.13
$ hfp create-package
Creating package from local source folder

Package:      transmission
Version:      2.13
Description:  a fast, easy and free bittorrent client
Depends upon: libcurl openssl gettext zlib libevent

make install ... done
/home/hv/hfp/repository/transmission-2.13_01.00.tar.bz2 created