Additional packages can be installed using the hfppkg shell script.

Update list of packages

You can update the list of available packages as follows:

root:~ # hfppkg update
configuration /var/packages/hfpindex updated
root:~ #

Display list of available packages

root:~ # hfppkg list
Package      Version   Description
============ ========= ========================================================
bash         4.1       bourne again shell
busybox      1.17.4    the siwss army knife of embedded linux
cmake        1.17.4    a cross platform, open-source build system
dropbear     0.52      a relativly small SSH 2 server and client
file         5.04      determine file type
gettext      0.16.1    translate messages
gnutls       2.10.4    a secure layer over a reliable transport layer
intltool     0.35.5    an internationalization tool
less         4.3.6     a terminal page
lighttpd     1.4.28    an open-source web server
mc           4.7.5     midnight commander, a visual file manager
mysql        5.5.8     a popular open source database
ncurses      5.7       a library to create terminalbased user interfaces
nzbget       0.7.0     library allowing text user interfaces
nzbgetweb    1.4       a web frontend for nzbget
openssh      5.6p1     a FREE version of the SSH connectivity tools
openssl      1.0.0b    toolkit implementing the SSL and TLS protocols
par2cmdline  0.4       PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool
pcre         7.9       perl compatible regular expressions
php          5.3.5     a hypertext preprocessor
pkg-config   0.23      display software package and or set information
procps       3.2.7     the process file system utilities
readline     6.1       a set of functions that allow users to edit command lines
rsync        3.0.7     a fast, versatile, remote (and local) file-copying tool 
screen       4.0.2     a full-screen window manager
slang        2.2.3     the S-Lang interpreter
sqlite       3.7.4     a self-contained, embeddable SQL database engine
starthfp     3.7.4     boot HFP
strace       4.5.20    a diagnostic, instructional, and debugging tool
transmission 2.13      a fast, easy and free bittorrent client
unrar        3.7.8     extract files from rar archives
vim          7.1       a highly configurable text editor
wget         1.12      a package for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP
root:~ #

Installed packages will be displayed in green. When you want to see the libraries, add a -l option:

root:~ # hfppkg list -l

Install packages

A package can be installed as follows:

root:~ # hfppkg install screen
the following packages have to be installed first:
- ncurses-5.7
installing ncurses-5.7 ...
ncurses-5.7 installed
installing screen-4.0.2 ...
screen-4.0.2 installed
root:~ # 

As you can see, packages required by the package you’re installing will be installed automatically.


If you want to confirm the installation of required packages, use the “-i” option

root:~ # hfppkg install -i screen

Some packages have a special configuration, allowing novice users to configure the application automatically. You can invoke the configuration script by adding the -c option to the install command, e.g.:

root:~ # hfppkg install -c nzbget

Package will only install when it hasn’t been installed before and if no other version of the same package has been installed. You can force the installation of a package by specifying the -f (force) option:

root:~ # hfppkg install -f nzbget

Reinstalling packages

Package can be simply reinstalled (in case you accidentilly deleted a file):

root:~ # hfppkg reinstall nzbget

Removing packages

Package can be also be removed

root:~ # hfppkg remove mysql