As soon as I’ve got any users of the packages, I cannot simply replace them with never versions. From that moment on, I’ll start incrementing an internal version number. Users of HFP can then use a special command to automatically install all updates made to the packages:

root:~ # hfppkg upgrade
$ hfppkg upgrade
the following packages needs to be upgraded:
- ncurses-5.7 : current HFP version 01.00 < 01.05
- nzbget-0.7.0 : current HFP version 01.01 < 02.02
  NOTE: this package needs to be reconfigured!

upgrading ncurses-5.7 ...
removing package ncurses-5.7 ...
package ncurses-5.7 removed
installing ncurses-5.7 ...
ncurses-5.7 installed
upgrading nzbget-0.7.0 ...
removing package nzbget-0.7.0 ...
package nzbget-0.7.0 removed
installing nzbget-0.7.0 ...
nzbget-0.7.0 installed
NOTE: remember to configure the packages

So, if you're the first user of HFP, let me know, and I'll start using internal increments. Otherwise, you'll only get the following message 🙂

root:~ # hfppkg upgrade
no packages need upgrading