lighttpd is an open source web server. It’s a lot more powerful then httpd, the default webserver of the CH3HNAS.

Internal and external website

The provided configure script allows you to automatically setup two websites, an internal and and external one. If you’re planning to install NZBwebget, you should at least host an internal webservice. The document root will always be /var/www as other packages will depend upon this location.

You may also host an external website. You can use the external website to host your own site or blog. The root folder may be specified during configuration. When you add a route to your modem/router, this external website will be accessible from the internet.

Installation & Configuration

Install lighttpd by running the following command:

root:~ # hfppkg install -c lighttpd
the following packages have to be installed first:
- libxml2-2.7.7
- libpcre-1.0
- php-5.2.14
installing libxml2-2.7.7 ...
libxml2-2.7.7 installed
installing libpcre-1.0 ...
libpcre-1.0 installed
installing php-5.2.14 ...
php-5.2.14 installed
installing lighttpd-1.4.28 ...
-=[ configure lighttpd ]=-

do you want to host an internal website?
fixed location: /var/www
host internal lighttpd server? [y]:
listen to port? [7000]:
enable access logging? [n]:

do you want to host an external website?
sample directory: /home/Public/www
host external lighttpd server? [y]:
listen to port? [8000]:
directory to host? [/home/Public/www]:
do you want PHP support? [y]:
enable access logging? [y]:

/etc/lighttpd/internal.conf created
/etc/lighttpd/external.conf created

Starting internal lighttpd server
Starting external lighttpd server
lighttpd started

lighttpd-1.4.28 installed

Question: host internal lighttpd server?

Answer “y” to this question to automatically configure your CH3HNAS to host an internal website, required for NZBgetweb.

Question: listen to port?

Specify the port on which your internal website will be accessable.